6th- Week in Mindfire Solutions

Hi Friendz ,
Time is racing fast…I have already completed six weeks in Mindfire. Not to mention, the weeks are getting busier ……I would like to share the experiences of the seventh week. All these weeks were very interesting for me. I had to cope with the responsibilities given to me with patience.
This week was quite challenging for me as I was home alone this week and had to manage home as well as work… This week’s task continued with the webinar presentation. I continue to work to increase the list of attendees. The attendee count that I had collected was not so bad but I wanted to increase the count to few more and increase the list of attendees.

I realized that finding attendees is not an easy task (especially in India), and if the intended audience targets CEO’s, Project Managers, and HR managers then it becomes even more difficult. I would admit that finding the contact details of the audience is quite a hectic task. But anyhow I am giving my best to search people through as many ways as possible and trying my level best to increase the number of attendees.

As I said before also, that this week was a challenging week as I was all alone at home. I had to manage work along with breakfast, lunch, dinner and etc. To be very honest, this week somehow hampered my productivity…..

Coming back to the webinar I was asked by Mr.Subhendu to give a trial webinar to test the new web based webinar system of Mindfire and pen down the feedback and the features as compared to the previous ones which I tried. I was not able to test the system on the said date because of the unavailability of the meeting room.

However I tested it later and mailed Subhendu about the features and the enhancements it had compared to the previous one. I liked the work as usually I spend my time in exploring about new topics and updating myself with different news and exploring new software on internet.
Aside from webinar I am now assigned with a new task of collecting the email list of important people in software Companies across all geographies.

When I was assigned with this new task I thought it won’t be hard for me to search as I have already done similar research. But when I started with the task I realized that it was not that easy .The reason for it not being easy is because of the fact that there is a lot of fake information. One has to be beware of fake database sellers who are present on internet and they sell data being a fake company. If someone by mistake gets hold the fake seller then it may be wrong deal for the company. I will have to be cautious.

In the coming week I have to host my Webinar.Be in touch to know what happened next ,till then byee…

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5th- Week in Mindfire Solutions

Hi Friends,

Welcome again… The 5th week of my internship passed like a blink of an eye. I had to continue with my webinar assignment and I knew that I had a lot of home work to do. I decided to utilize my weekend. The weekend turned out to be a very hectic weekend and I had a strong feeling that I am becoming workaholic person as the time was passing by.  Saturday started with my usual weekend activities which included bit of gardening of orchids and bonsai along with taking care of my aquariums. However, in the back of mind I was thinking about my webinar presentation and the kind of data that I would have to collect. Thanks to Google.  The work on Saturday started with deciding the flow of webinar and about the content and structure of the presentation.

I started to prepare the presentation in MS PowerPoint. The start was good however; I was facing difficulty in putting my thoughts into words. There were so many ideas in my mind but the problem was to come up with the best and effective points which would attract the attendees. I decided to move on to the other areas and spend the rest part of the day on data collection and planning.

I got up early in morning on Sunday which was the last day left for me to complete my work as I had to submit the PowerPoint on Monday as per the schedule.  I used the whole Sunday very efficiently.  I continued working on the presentation. Needles to say, I had to update and modify the slides innumerous times. Every now and then I added and deleted the contents to arrive at perfection. After a continuous labour from Sunday Morning 8.00 AM till Monday Morning 4am (Which of course included the food breaks), the PowerPoint presentation had come to a good shape.  Though there were things to still work on.

As usual I got ready for office on Monday and reached office and met Mr. Subhendu. He asked me for giving a trial webinar and informed me that I need to get ready by 3pm. I was feeling t bit nervous (as it was my first on the job presentation in company) but I then convinced myself that I will be able to do the presentation. The clock was ticking fast and post lunch people were ready to hear my trial run of the webinar .In the mean time I was trying to prepare myself with the content and how I need to express them in a nice way.  I moved to the conference room where I found out myself alone, I pulled the chair and made myself feel comfortable before I started.

I started of my presentation with a warm welcome to everyone attending and continued with the rest of the presentation. I will confess that I was feeling a bit awkward as it was the first time and also I was not sure if the content met the expectation of the attendees in the trial presentation. The presentation ended and I was waiting for the feedback from Mr .Subhendu . He came to me and said “Well tried “and “Nice effort “. He told me I did well to some extent and gave me feed back of my presentation.

The content I had chosen was “Mobile Marketing “ and it was  not bad topic but when I talked with Mr.Subhendu  I felt that the topic was not that much useful for the target  audience who were suppose to be HR managers, Project managers and  IT managers.

I will catch you next week and will share what was my experience.

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4th- Week in Mindfire Solutions – Webinar

Hi Friends,

Oh! The fourth week has also passed. I never thought time will passed so quickly. I was completely busy and involved in work of my choice. Somebody has rightly said the person should make his career in which one has interest and dedication. I could realize this thing during my internship in Mind fire .Any new work easy, hard, problematic, tough etc. becomes interesting under the esteemed guidance of my supervisor Mr.shubendu for which I am grateful to him. He has all the qualities which a supervisor should have. Next week I have been asked to give a webinar. I have to make necessary logistic arrangements and to invite persons who may be interested in the topic.  During my MBA, I have given number of seminars and presentations but in this internship this would be my first webinar and truly speaking this would be a great challenge for me. This is an opportunity for me. I have to use this platform to present my hidden talent in the presence of galaxy of talented persons. The first step in this direction was selection of suitable topic which could generate interest among IT Manager, Project Manager and H R Manager and other audience .I discussed in length with my college friends but it was not fruitful. As a next option I went to Mr. Shubendu and expressed my difficulties in the selection of useful topic and to my great surprise he solved my problem in no time and suggested me an interesting topic i.e. Mobile Marketing. Thanks to Mr. Shubendu. At the outset the webinar topic which initially looked easy task but going into details I could understand it is a herculean task. It requires a tremendous amount of efforts. I know I have to do this and impress everyone. Such opportunities very seldom knock the door. I have to give my best shot. I am giving my best and with the grace of Almighty now I am on edge of   preparation with my Webinar topic. I am giving this webinar in next few days and I am quite confident that I will come out with flying colours.

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3rd Week in Mindfire Solutions – Case Study

Hi Friends,

I am back again!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t realize how 3rd week got over so soon. Really I am very much excited to share my experiences which all I had in  3 rd week of my internship with you all. This week was very much hectic for me and each and every day I followed a strict schedule which made my task successful .I guess if my planning would have been failed then  I could not have completed my task and meet my boss ‘s expectations.

In  the  3rd week of my internship Mr. Subhendu  assigned  me some task for  preparing  case studies and  he explained me the  purpose of  case studies .I had discovered many times he has a very unique nature of explaining  the  importance of  every job with smoothness and patience  along  with developing interest before  I initiate. In my past experience in college I  have gone through many case studies, but I never got chance to prepare any case study. This was going to be my first  experience  to prepare a case study and  I wanted to give my best shot .I made  many searches on Google how to make a case study and somehow I got few clues, it was not less than writing a detective novel. Yes a detective story  because  one  needs to create an introduction to develop interest following by unfolding the mystery in the climax in an orderly manner.I realized that I have to put lots of efforts and things are not going to be easy because I never wrote any kind story or case study as such before. This task was to be graded by Mr. Suryakant who is in business team.I was confused now how to write and how to start  as the task required quality work  to meet the standard format of the company .I  put very hard effort to make my first case study  complete under guidance of Mr. Suryakant who is really friendly in nature  he explained me with patience what more was needed to make the job more interesting. Initially I was  bit tensed if I could do the  task and meet their objective or not, but I guess my hard work and my patience helped me a lot . Making a case study is  not an easy task as we have to effectively frame  sentences in correct way and make it interesting so reader like to read it or else it is of no use. We have to reflect each and every handwork and effort, achievements of the  project team made who use to build and deliver the final product to their clients.

My  task was assigned  on Monday and I was suppose to submit it before Saturday. During the  whole week I sacrificed many things to achieve my goal. From morning till evening starting with my  breakfast till dinner I was left with a feeling always in my mind that how to make my case studies  more interesting  and every time I re-edited the writing to make it more effective , finally I put my hard effort and did the task before date for which  I was awarded  with a new case study again. To be honest with you all I am a not a good writer but in the past week I gained knowledge  how to sync thoughts and words and framing an effective sentence for writing a case study for corporates firms. Next week is going to a dam challenging task for me  .To know about the challenge keep reading……………..

You cannot find peace by avoiding life .

Virginia Woolf

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2nd week in Mindfire – Job Assigned

Hi All ! lol

Once again  I am back to you  !!. Let me take the pleasure to  invite all the readers to go through   my  journey in Mind fire so far …… !!.On the  very  first day of the week  the  senior business  manager Mr  Subhendu who was my  reporting boss  assigned me  a task related to south Africa surprisedand  I was supposed to explore 100s eek of websites related to IT sector In South Africa itself  .

It was really very busy and  fantastic week in Mindfire  and truly speaking my mind blown up eekwhile generating new ideas while visiting new sites which were not few in numbers but beyond my imagination rolleyes . When  the task was assigned  to me at first   then I felt  it was going to be  dam easy task  to  be done but when reached a figure  of  50 then I realised reaching few hundred will be a dream for me because visiting websites was not only task as further I had  to gather the information ideaand get the clues from these sites analyze them and generate interesting information  which could be a useful piece of work for the end users idea .

Sitting in the cozy environment of Mindfire mrgreen I worked hard giving my extra hours eek and even sacrificing lunchcry   and  idea my weekend , but at last on first day of the new week I submitted the assigned task to  my  reporting boss  . I could predict from smile on his face  mrgreen that ,I could come up to his expectation mrgreen in my first assignment . I guess the the dream  of crossing the figures got true mrgreen . I am very excited and  looking forward for my next assignment mrgreen. Catch you  all in the next week !!!!!!!! mrgreen

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” Ben Sweetland

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1st Week Of My Internship in MindfireSolutions(Interview)

Hi Friendz,

Many MBA grads begin their dream careers by getting into right corporate internships and same thing happened to me. As every afternoon ,I went to the college and found out all of my batch-mates were discussing about the Internship program which was gioing to start.Many of my friends were excited enough as they were going to get opportunity to do their internship in good corporates but on other hands few were waiting for right opportunities to come by and I was one among them as I was set on doing my internship in my dream sector that is IT ; Software Industries.

I approached the Training and placement cell to express my interest and in due course one afternoon Anand Joglekar , one of the executives of T&P(IIPM) gave me a call informing about an interview which was going to be held for a software organization called Mindfire. Hearing the news , I got excited and thanked Mr.Anand for his extended effort for helping me out.I rushed to library and pulled out my laptop from bag and started searching in Google about profile of the company and tried together a brief information about what Mindfire as a company does.

Following the Interview call,I reached Mindfire which was located in Mancheswar Industrial estate in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar and met the concerned person Mainak Mittra (HR Lead ) who gave me a very warm welcome and informed me about the interview which I was supposed to face in order to get an opportunity to do my internship in this organization .

My interview process got initiated with the interviewer Subhendu Pattnaik, Sr.Manager, Business Development , addressed as “Sam”.I was bit nervous. I guess it is a general feeling which all other people feel during an interview. I was eager to perform and give my best shot using all my skills ,ideas and knowledge which I have got and learned till date in college because this was one of the chance to market myself in a right way.

Before Subhendu started putting his questions to me he interacted with me in a very pleasant way and made me comfortable so that I can sync with the professional environment around me !

During the interview I was fired with several questions and I guess I answered them with best of my ability and potential . The Interview process went about 20 to 25 minutes and I faced its a challenge to prove myself . The interaction was fabulous as I was able to draw a picture how people really do work and act in a professional organization like IT company.

After the interview process Subhendu assigned me a small trial task to judge my professional skills which I was suppose to complete ASAP which I did it within the time frame. Really this was an complete interview where my skills were also tested. Finally I left the office and went home eager to complete next assignment which was assigned to me .After finishing the assigned tasks I crossed my fingers and left the result on almighty.

The interview process boosted my confidence and I got a wonderful feeling about the organization.

A day after my interview in the morning hours I was asked by T&P (IIPM) to reach college at 10 am for a meeting. Following the call I reached my college and heard the cheering news of being selected in Mindfire with a mail approval for completing my internship for duration of 2 months.

Collecting the approval letter on the said date,I reached Mindfire and met the HR head and Subhendu who greeted me with congratulations for getting selected and gave me a warm welcome to their organization.

I went inside the office and was taken into the meeting room by Bhagyashree (Admin&HR) who helped me in completing my joining formalities successfully which included filling employee details assigning laptop and allocating my working place.

For a while it was hard to believe for me that I am really in my dream sector where I heartily wanted to be … !

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Ayn Rand

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